Our First Guests

August 20, 2008

Our First Guests

August 19th, 2008 by Elizabeth

Last week, Steven and I had the marking of our first guests coming to visit. We were delighted to have Janet, Joe & Robert in our little home for a few days. This was also an extra special trip for Janet & Joe because it meant returning to their roots after 30 years. Joe did his pediatric residency at Duke, Janet became realtor certified in Durham and Dan spent his first years whileSteven was in utero here.

Sadly, Steven had to work the days they were here so I did my darndest to take care of them with the utmost care until he could come play. Here are some highlights of their two-day stay until they made their way to New York City:

A visit to the small, quaint town of Pittsboro:

We’re pretty sure Back to the Future was filmed here. No?

Please pause for a second and notice the irony in this picture. Bobbo & I thought we were clever.

I asked Joe & Robert to pose by the old bank safe and for some reason they took that as “Have a weird/surprised look on your face.”

Lunch at the S&T Soda Shoppe in Pittsboro,

A visit to the old homestead,

We just need Dan in the picture.

Should Steven and I ask the current owners if we can rent their place out for a weekend to keep the Cramer tradition alive??? No? Creepy? Ya, I agree.

This picture has an explanation. Bless Joe & Janet’s hearts, after knocking on the door with no answer (even though there were 2 cars in the driveway and a dog barking) they decided since they had lived there before they could tromp around, and tromping is just what they did. They went through the GATE INTO the backyard and walked around. Steven even went along with it. Robert & I were cautiously staying on the road. Joe tried throwing his anxiety schpiel on us, but I kindly let him know that we were being the reasonable ones and that if I was the homeowner with strangers in my backyard, I would come out with a gun. No anxiety needed, just law abiding citizens. We felt the need to take this picture to document our stance for the law enforcement, who I’m sure pulled in right after we left because the boogy man on those neigborhood watch signs was on our side.

Then we popped over to Duke to see the beautiful chapel,

And we finished the visit off at a traditional Carolina BBQ place Janet & Joe used to frequent.

What would a Cramer visit be without some techno-geek out time?

And my personal fav photos of the trip:

Role reversal and I think they both NAILED it!

Thanks for coming to visit, we loved having you and can’t wait for the next one!


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