Summer flora and fauna

July 2, 2008

summer flora and fauna

I love how lush North Carolina gets in the summer, and here are some growing things that have caused me to stop and take a picture. First, I took a wrong turn into a road behind a shopping center near my house, and found this field. At the time it was filled with little yellow flowers, but by the time I came back with my camera, they had been washed away by a summer storm.

Next, as I was driving to visit some friends in Pittsboro, I saw a pond full of water lilies/lotuses. I love how they arranged themselves over the surface of the water.

I also have a thing for blue hydrangeas, especially when you find a big bush with a variety of shades. My favorites are the deepest lavender blues.

I’ve been searching for a great mimosa tree that is really pink and fluffy, and found the perfect one in my neighborhood.

After arriving home from being out and about on Sunday, I looked at our neighbor’s yard across the street at what first appeared to be turkeys, but were in fact vultures, feeding on some roadkill in the street. These pictures do not do justice to their size, but they were skittish when I tried to get close.

Pretty ominous looking, but they were very helpful in disposing of the unsightly roadkill.


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